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Eggless egg salad stuffed avocado

This egg-free egg salad is something incredible. And that is because of the special dark Kala Namak salt. This salt is also called “Indian Black Salt”. It is pure and unrefined black salt with a unique, sulfuric taste that tastes like boiled eggs. I usually make this egg salad with chickpeas but sometimes with tofu, […]

Christmas with The Sitting Chef

Planning a plant-based Sit Smart-menu this Christmas? Check out my guide to plant-powered starters, side dishes, main dishes and delicious desserts, inspired by this holiday season. Discover that cooking an exciting plant-based Christmas menu is really not that difficult as is may seem! The Sit Smart Diet Christmas Menu Choose one or two dishes from […]

“By changing my diet I have been spared a stoma!”

After years of chronic bowel problems, nausea, frequent after-dinner vomiting, abdominal pain, an incredible amount of medication and a desperate quest for solutions, The Sit Smart Diet crossed her path. Now Ellen de Boer (58) finally has her appetite back, and most of her symptoms are greatly reduced or have even completely disappeared. “I eat […]

Do you need to eat meat for iron?

If you’re on a plant based diet and do not eat meat and dairy, like more and more people do, people often talk directly about the 3 alleged nutrient deficiencies: calcium, B12 and iron. But did you know that the vast majority of meat and dairy eaters do not have just just 2 or 3 […]

Proton pump inhibitors and magnesium deficiency

Proton-pump inhibitors; many wheelchair users use them and many of us use them even for years. That’s unfortunately not without risk. The reason that they are prescribed is usually the lack of real knowledge about nutrition and lifestyle medicine (that is very new and unknown territory in the first place for the vast majority of […]

Do you need meat, eggs and dairy as a wheelchair user?

When you hear the word “protein” most people think: meat and dairy. Most of us have been conditioned to equate protein with animal-based food. But the myth that plant–based protein sources are high in carbs, can’t build muscle, and are of low quality are just fallacies that float around nutrition circles. Especially in circles of […]

SCI and accelerated ageing

People with SCI are faced with accelerated ageing (Top Spinal Cord Inj Rehabil. 2015). This is not ‘just one of the many common secondary health conditions in SCI , but in fact thé most important consequence of a wheelchair bound existence, which – I am pretty sure- you are never told about during your rehab. […]

“I can now enjoy my life again!”

For ex wheelchair top athlete, paralympic gold medalist wheelchair table tennis in Barcelona in 1992, Jolanda Paardekam (52) from Rotterdam, The Sit Smart Diet has been a “way of life” for a few years now. “I am very happy and grateful that I have regained control of my body and health with this way of […]

NEW: Dutch Journal of Lifestyle Medicine

The Dutch Society of Lifestyle Medicine launches a fresh, glossy magazine about lifestyle medicine. A 21st century magazine that focuses on the healthy life of the future. A healthy lifestyle, and in particular nutritional behavior, is becoming increasingly important within medicine and health care. Also in our personal life, it is becoming increasingly clear that […]

Embrace The No Age Mindset!

So… this straaaaange thing actually happened: I turned 25 again (-; An awkward but special feeling at the same time. And I am embracing it with a GREAT amount of gratitude, because there are so many people with SCI who don’t even get to live 40 years post injury. Although ageing with a disability (that […]