Christmas with The Sitting Chef

Planning a plant-based Sit Smart-menu this Christmas? Check out my guide to plant-powered starters, side dishes, main dishes and delicious desserts, inspired by this holiday season. Discover that cooking an exciting plant-based Christmas menu is really not that difficult as is may seem!

Sit Smart Diet

The Sit Smart Diet Christmas Menu

Choose one or two dishes from each section. Mix & match as you think is best. “Mistakes” with such an incredible abundance of delicious food do not exist, all these dishes fit together perfectly.

Sit Smart Diet

Great things to pair with wine

  1. Roasted chickpeas with garam masala [RECIPE]
  2. Roasted garlic [RECIPE]
  3. Caramelized onions in balsamic vinegar with thyme [RECIPE]

Sit Smart Diet kerstmenu


  1. Eggless egg-salad stuffed avocado [RECIPE]
  2. Roasted beets and creamy avocado tower [RECIPE]
  3. Pan-roasted radishes with garlic and parsley [RECIPE]

Kerst met The Sitting Chef

Side dishes

  1. Roasted purple cauliflower salad with fennel and ruccola [RECIPE]
  2. Broccolisoup with cocunutmilk and kaffir-leafs [RECIPE]
  3. Grilled eggplant rolls with quinoa-walnut-vegan creamcheese stuffing [RECIPE]

Sit Smart Diet kerst

Main dishes

  1. Quinoa-stuffed eggplant [RECIPE]
  2. Winter salad with quinoa, hazelnuts, avocado and blood orange [RECIPE]
  3. Tofurky roast with parsley roots fries and roasted tomato ketchup [RECIPE]

Sit Smart Diet kerst


  1. Brussels sprouts pralines [RECIPE]
  2. Chia-matcha-chocolade pudding [RECIPE]
  3. Coconut pannacotta [RECIPE]

Sit Smart Diet-Proof Pannacotta