Dr. Kees Hein Woldendorp

Dr. Kees Hein Woldendorp (1963) studied Medicine, followed by a split-study Tropical Medicine, and then specialized in Rehabilitation Medicine. In addition to the rehabilitation of chronic pain and neurological disorders, he focused on the rehabilitation of (professional) musicians – a subject on which he recently obtained a PhD. Dr. Woldendorp is a frequent international speaker and has numerous publications to his name, in both the general press and scientific and medical journals.  

 Diet- and lifestyle advice deserves a prominent place in the treatment of chronic diseases. It’s time to embrace lifestyle medicine.

Searching for years 

As a rehabilitation physician, Dr. Woldendorp was searching for years for what he could advise his patients the best in the field of nutrition. “The current method for delivering health care does not work – plain and simple. I say this without reservation, after having practiced medicine for more than 25 years. Over the years I have seen many patiënts with diabetes, stroke, heart disease, amputations of feet and legs and a complex mix of chronic conditions; the majority of which are preventable. We know that 80% of the health care euro’s / dollars are spent on truly avoidable, manmade, lifestyle- and foodborne chronic illnesses. In these situations, it is not genetics that caused the problem, it is lifestyle”.

Evidence overwhelmingly supports efficacy of Lifestyle Medicine.

Nutrition and lifestyle as a medicine

Dr. Woldendorp welcomes that, as of January 1st 2019, the costs of Combined Lifestyle Intervention (CLI) will be covered by the basic health care insurance of all health care insurers in The Netherlands. There is overwhelming scientific evidence for the efficacy of Lifestyle Medicine. The power of nutrition as a medicine and a preventive remedy for diabetes, but also for cancer, for example, is so robust that doctors can no longer ignore it. It’s time to embrace lifestyle medicine. 

Simple choices – powerful results

Dr. Woldendorp: “People often think that advances in medicine have to be high-tech and expensive. They are often hardly able to believe or imagine that the simple, daily choices that we make – what we eat, how much water we drink, how much we sleep, how much stress we have and how we respond to it, whether or not we smoke, how much we exercise and the quality of our relationships – can make such a powerful difference in our health, well-being and the way we age. But they do”.

Revolutionizing and revelating

Dr. Woldendorp: “This work is revolutionary but is also a revelation. At AM Lifestyle Medicine Center we see tremendous improvements in the control of obesity, diabetes, hypertension and heart disease with many people being able to reduce and oftentimes even eliminate medications. Weight, visceral fat, blood pressure, blood lipids and other biometric parameters dramatically improve simply with the addition of lifestyle behavioral adjustments”.