I lost 45 pounds in just a few months!

Kelly van den Broek (31) has been a wheelchair user due to a paraplegia since 2009. In addition, she has a complex mix of health complications, such as Ehlers-Danlos syndromes (EDS), osteoarthritis and chronic lymphedema. In September 2018, she switched to The Sit Smart Diet. “That was tough in the beginning. I noticed that my body had to get used to this new lifestyle. But soon I felt much fitter, I had less problems with my bladder and intestines, less inflammation and less lymphedema”.

Sit Smart Dieet succesverhaal

No attention to nutrition

Kelly rehabilitated at the Blixembosch rehabilitation center, Adelante in Hoensbroek in The Netherlands. Her rehabilitation trajectory was mainly “mechanical”, and therefore focused on switching from walking to sitting. No attention was paid to nutrition in combination with this rigorous, involuntary, change in her lifestyle. “I went from a dynamic, sporting, walking existence to a 100% sedentary life. With all its consequences, for example for my metabolism. At Adelante, however, the dietitian did not even know how different a spinal cord injury works. I was fed white rice almost every day. After consultation with the kitchen I finally got a little bit more varied diet”.

At the rehabilitation center, the dietician didn’t even know how different a spinal cord injury – body works. I was fed white rice almost every day.

Health complaints

In spite of the fact that after her rehab she said she ate healthy and varied, Kelly nevertheless gained weight drastically and struggled with enormous inflammation in her body. “I also retained a lot of fluid – which only worsened after a serious burn accident that I had in 2016 – my catheter stopped running and I always had a heavy feeling in my whole body. My deteriorating health spiraled out of control so rapidly, I felt overwhelmed. However, no therapy was successful”. 

A search began, and Kelly received all sorts of examinations and medication. “My catheter blockages were examined, and my poorly functioning intestines. I was sent to a dietician to see if anything could be changed in my diet, I ended up in several new rehabilitation programs, and I was given pain medication”.

Turning point

In 2018, Kelly discovered The Sit Smart Diet through Google. “I was tired of facing walls of indifference, and lack of knowledge, and started looking for solutions to my complaints myself. In September 2018 I started this way of eating. The first 2 weeks I was really not feeling well. I noticed that my body had to get used to this new lifestyle, and had to kick the sugar habit. In the beginning my body was clearly cleansing, because I had to go to the toilet constantly. After those 2 weeks there was a turning point. I felt fitter. And soon I noticed that my health problems were improving. I had less problems with my bladder and intestines and less inflammation and lymphedema.

I lost 45 pounds in a few months. Feel much fitter. Have less inflammation and I am healing faster. My digestive problems have changed 100% positive for the better.

45 pounds lighter and much fitter

Kelly is beyond happy about where she now is in her life. “I’m doing so well! I have already lost more than 45 pounds. Feel much fitter. Have less inflammation and heal faster. My persistent digestive probmems changed a 100% for the better, and physiotherapy finally was successful after 10 years. I no longer need to wear support stockings, I no longer need compression therapy and I need fewer treatments for it”.

Sit Smart Dieet succesverhaal

New lifestyle

The Sit Smart Diet has now become a lifestyle that she has fully integrated in her daily life. “Sometimes it can be a little bit difficult.  Yet I try to make no or as few exceptions as possible, because that has immediate consequences for my health. For example, I immediately notice it in my intestines, and then I really get sick. I am now 100% on the SSD-plan, because I want to remain as healthy and fit as I feel now. The Sit Smart Diet has really become my lifestyle, and luckily more and more SSD-proof products can be found in the mainstream supermarket”.

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